Shopping Not The Only Thing Seniors Need to Finish By December 25th

As the year comes to a close so does many of the college deadlines for accepting applications. It is human nature to put off stressful tasks and completing college applications for seniors in high school is no exception. All students must be aware of the deadlines of the schools that they are interested in attending and make sure that they complete and submit their application before that date. Be aware that if you are one of these students filing at the end of the year you are not alone. Just don’t make the mistake of applying after the deadline. I find it amazing that every year I get calls from parents to help their student after New Years and the student has one or two schools still on their application list with their deadlines come and gone. Most college admissions counselors will tell you that they get a huge crush of applications between Christmas and New Years every year. What you need to know is that the systems have a hard time with this final volume and will usually crash servers over that that last week of the year making it more frustrating than usual because of limited access to file your applications. So a word to the wise, try your best to get any applications you still need to submit into the system before December 25th. This way you will be confident that your application will be considered and you can enjoy the holiday season before you start to stress about being accepted to these last schools in February and March.

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