Wait Listed-What does that mean to 2013 Seniors?

Congratulations, you were found to have what it takes to get into the school that wait listed you!  You should be enjoying the fact that you had what the admissions officer was  looking for in their students. But, should you really consider attending that school?

If you prescribe to my philosophy of applying to 9 to 12 schools it is pretty certain that you have been accepted and received an offer of financial aid to a number of schools that you are also considering to attend. The reality is that those are the schools you should seriously look at to commit to.

Schools wait list students when they are not sure that they will fill all their desks for the fall semester and they want a backup group of students to fill those uncertain desks. Yes, many times students feel honored by the wait listing by a school that they felt was a reach school, but the truth is this serves the school not the wait listed student. All schools work their wait listing differently so there is no one way this works. Many times these schools never make a final offer to attend from their wait list. Just like the schools that fully accepted you and have made their financial aid offers, the wait listing school has offered their available aid to their fully accepted students.  Unfortunately, If you do get in from a wait list after May 1st , when counting on financial aid to attend college, the odds of receiving all the need and merit aid that you are counting on are slim. You should be happy that you are lucky enough to have choices of colleges to attend and make your deposit to one of the schools that you are fully accepted at.

In the case that you have a real need to attend the wait listing school and there is no issue of financial aid, let them know that you are interested and be ready to wait to hear back from them. In the event that you are fully accepted by the wait listing school you will have the option to accept their offer or not while having the backup of the school you made your deposit to.

Make sure that you respond to the school of your choice and do not miss the May 1st deadline to accept.

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