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Applications Need To Be Sent Now For Best Acceptance Rate

Friday, September 26th, 2014

As I look at the calendar and watch September come to an end I am reminding all seniors that now is the time to send their college applications. The period of time from September 1st to November 1st is called the priority filing period for most colleges in the US. It was considered the early application period by most until the last 5 years, when college admissions counselors began to look at these applicants more earnestly.
High school seniors can tell you that the applications, now more than ever, have become very similar and with the higher use of the Common Application actually the same. The process of reviewing the applications are still the same for the colleges but the emphasis on retention of first year students is very important to the four year colleges. The statistics show the students that applied in the priority filing period had a much higher rate of returning sophomore year than the students who had applied later in the year. They have determined that the early applicants were more focused and organized which made them better over all students.
The colleges are always looking for ways of determining which student will be the best fit for their student population. Since they now know that generally, the early applicant is the more successful student in their schools, you do not want to miss the opportunity for this higher consideration by your top colleges. It would be unfortunate for any student to work hard in high school for their GPA, best ACT/SAT test scores and be over looked because of sending their application in 30 days later. Get organized and get your applications in seniors, the other advantage is that you will get your acceptance letter by December 15th so you will have more time to set up your final visits early in the spring semester.
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